Grant Procedure

Grant Program Priorities

Well before the beginning of each yearly grant cycle (April 1) the Board of Directors will meet and determine, based on community need, which of the stated grant “priorities” will be the focus for that year.  Community need may be determined from the opinions of the directors, elicited opinions of the public or any other appropriate method of evaluation.

Grant Cycle Deadlines

The Directors will develop deadlines for submission of donee documents and Board activities surrounding evaluation of these documents which will result in the award of this cycle of grants no later than June 30 of that year.

Grant Requests Outside of the Yearly Cycle

Unsolicited grant requests for general projects outside the yearly grant cycle (April 1) may be considered by the Board.  Serious consideration must be paid to the risk of being unable to budget appropriately to ensure adequate funds for other deserving community projects during the usual grant time.

Grant Applications

The Grant Application must be completed in its entirety and the most responsible signature must be that of the chair or designate of the “registered charitable society” supporting the application.  A quorum of the Board will meet to evaluate the applications and determine their merit.  The board may contact an applicant for clarification of the details of the application at this time.  Based on the available funds for that granting year, those projects deemed most deserving and whose applicants are qualified and meet all the criteria of the granting program will be awarded a grant.

Grant Award Cheque

The successful applicants will be sent an acceptance letter indicating that they will receive the grant cheque within 2 weeks.  The treasurer will prepare and deliver the cheque and maintain the appropriate records.

Project Report and Grant Process Evaluation

Either with the Acceptance Letter or with the cheque, the donee will be given the forms to complete the “Project Report and Grant Process Evaluation”.  These must be complete and submitted by October 31 of that year.  A donee may apply to the Board for an extension of that deadline.

Special Project Grants

There is a separate “Special Projects Grant Application” form which may be used if deemed appropriate.  The “Project Report and Grant Process Evaluation” may be waived for this type of grant at the discretion of the Board.