Types of Grants

Types of Grants

In order to satisfy the needs of the community and the wishes of the donors, the Nakusp and Area Community Foundation may develop and support any or all of the following types of grants.

Community Grants Program

This program provides grants with specific and published criteria to qualified donees. The interest income for these grants comes from donated funds which have been undesignated i.e. the donors have not stipulated a specific area of interest where their donation should be directed

This grant program will be activated once each year, April 1. See Granting Procedure for details.

Designated Grant Program

A donor may designate which area of interest their donated funds must be spent. The area of interest must be one already designated as a “Granting Priority” listed in the grant guideline criteria. These grants may be distributed at any time the Board determines a qualifying project application warrants.

Special Project Grants

From time to time, the Board may accept unsolicited applications from an agency/society which identifies a compelling urgent need. Grant funding for these projects must not jeopardize the ability of the foundation to continue with the regular Community Grant Program for that year.

Flow Through Funding

A donor may give funds to the Foundation with the direction to spend these funds immediately on a designated or non-designated grant program. The Board must first consider the appropriateness of the donor, (and the designated program if applicable) based on granting guidelines so as not to negatively impact the good reputation of the Foundation.

These funds are not placed in the endowment fund.